Ear Piercing for Babies & Children
Is it safe to pierce my baby’s ears?
Yes. Babies are pierced at a very young age worldwide. Inverness recommends that parents wait until after the first DPT vaccination which is usually administered at 8 weeks.  However, this is a personal decision, and we recommend that you discuss your specific situation with your baby’s paediatrician.
Do you have any ear piercing tips for babies & small children?
1. Do your homework. Make sure to choose a location that carries the Inverness System. Only Inverness piercing earrings have our patented Safety Back™ to shield your little one from the earring’s sharp piercing tip.
2. Select a location that is able to provide two associates to pierce your child’s ears simultaneously. The Inverness System iS ideal for babies because it is extremely fast and quiet. Simultaneous piercings make the process even easier for children and their parents.
3. Bring your camera & other family members to help record and celebrate this happy milestone!
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