Inverness also offers ear and nose piercing courses at colleges, academies and schools:
Why Choose to Offer Inverness Qualification Courses?
Our medically-hygienic, hand pressured, no-touch piercing system is the safest piercing method in the market. The Inverness 2000 instrument features fully enclosed capsules guarding the earrings from contamination. The patented safety clutch gives safest healing process. Ear piercing is increasing in popularity with 23,000 people within the UK getting piercings every week suggesting that ear piercing training can be very benficial for students.

What Does Inverness Offer?
The course takes 2-3 hours depending on the number of students. The package includes;
  • Training by a fully qualified Inverness piercing specialist
  • An introduction to Inverness
  • A product demo
  • Product tuition
  • Training manual
  • The reusable Inverness 2000 piercing instrument
  • A disposable nose piercing kit
  • Marking pen
  • Demo earrings x 8
  • Stainless steel 3mm ball earrings
  • Foam practice ears
  • 188ml cleansing solution
  • Aftercare instructions
  • Test paper
  • Ear piercing qualification certificate

Please contact us for more details Tel: 01386 426 315 or [email protected]