Rachael, Warwickshire
After being nagged by my 16 year old son for his first ear piercing I finally gave in. I took him to our local branch and we had a walk in appointment.
They were very thorough and asked age and if there were any known allergies.
They had a great choice of earrings which was great (he was slightly apprehensive that he may have to have a huge gold stud). He chose a flat silver coloured one that had a matching back. He was so happy as this is what he wanted after he was allowed to change his earrings. The whole thing was quick and easy and it is healing nicely!
Happy mum, even happier son.
Zoe, Hampshire
I recently took my 2 year old daughter to get her ears pierced for an early Christmas present and was very impressed.
I had researched various techniques and places to go as I wanted the whole experience to be calm and easy.  After reading about Inverness and how it’s very quiet and less scary I opted to use this method.
My daughter was a little quiet the morning of the piercing as she thought it was going to hurt. When we got to the salon,  the staff was very calming and happy. They suggested they do both ears at the same time which I thought was fab!! It was very simple, quiet and she didn’t cry.
I have one very brave little girl who is feeling very happy with herself especially as she got to have Cinderella earrings!!